BrewerETC Marketing Group is a woman-owned, boutique marketing firm in Houston, Texas. We've designed logos, created sales collateral, dropped mail, built websites, produced video and directed events for a wide range of clients.  With national brand experience and local expertise, we are the perfect marketing partner for your business. We're creative, connected, and fun!


    Pronunciation:  bru-r
    Meaning:  Nan Brewer - Owner 
  • ETC
    Abbreviation For:  et cetera
    Pronunciation:  et-'se-te-ra
    Meaning:  and others, especially of the same kind
Our success is the result of decades of hard work - building grass roots campaigns, followed by analysis and reflection.  Most importantly, BrewerETC is the result of relationships built along the way and our name honors the business and marketing leaders who we learned from, as well as those who inspire and work with us today.
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Nan Brewer

Prior to launching BrewerETC, Nan Brewer managed a team of professionals responsible for Retail and Cross-Border Marketing for the Texas Region of JP Morgan Chase. As a member of the Texas senior management team, she refined the skills necessary to develop strategic business plans and drive marketing results. Responsible for annual marketing spends of up to $6M, she has proven leadership and management experience. 

Her portfolio spans a variety of communiation vehicles including broadcast, print and outdoor advertising, website development, merchandising, direct mail, strategic event marketing and performance improvement programs. With almost 40 years in marketing and consumer banking, Nan has the experience to create your next successful campaign.